Wednesday, 13 July 2011



(In honour of the fallen Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers who had sacrificed their lives in the Insurgency War in Malaya from 1948 to 1960)

O Ye men of war!
Your name will live forever.
To you, courage was a virtue.
We are forever indebted to you.

You seek the path of danger.
Where death lurked spewing fear.
Behind every nooks, lurking.
Waiting to sever life’s string.

O Ye warrior most noble.
The bravest and most able.
Strength unparalleled and mind of steel.
Matched by swords tempered to kill.

Protected by the spirits and gods of war.
You marched forward without fear.
Firm in the belief you were right.
On you, weapons of evil have no might.

In battle, withdrawal was a weakness.
Come what may, march forward, nevertheless.
Your beliefs were your strength and victory.
We pray there are many more with your tenacity.

After 60 long years seemingly eternity.
You are coming home, finally.
By your deeds you had sown the seeds
For the world to know your courageous feats.

Rest thee well O noble warriors.
You had set a tradition most precious.
A legacy that your generations must live by.
A tenet of life that mustn’t die.

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Wrath

The Wrath
(My Company was given a mission to search and destroy any CTs in an area in the Ulu Kinta Forest Reserve. The terrain was rocky and mountainous. One evening, I made an overnight ambush on a rocky moutain range. Being on the highest point, I was inviting danger - not from the CTs but from nature itself ).

Atop a rugged mountain range.
We strung out in ambush.
And waited for the enemy.
A cobra recoiled - deadly.

A spider, waiting for the slightest vibration
to sink its fangs and inject the poison.
Came nightfall, the weather declined.
Rain poured in torrents wild.

Lightning flashes blinding.
Thunder claps deafening.
No sign of abatement.
Our tents our prisons.

Perched high on rocky ground.
Opened to dangers abound.
Cascading waterfalls,
Thunder and fire balls.

I cringed with worry – intuition.
A while later, calls of desperation
from the nearest ambush position.
Dismayed that my fear confirmed.

Struck by lightning!
Four soldiers took refuge under a tree.
Three injured slightly, one seriously.
Four claymore mines blown off instantly.

Next day a winching point we looked.
Atop the mountain spooked.
To evacuate the injured soldier
to Base and recover.

Knowing the futility of our ambush,
the danger in the lightning strikes zone,
we moved to lower ground less prone.
God must have been angry.

That man should kill man - fiery.
That man should choose to disobey.
The price he’ll surely pay.
Instantaneous or delay.
Think – pray!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Crimson Sunset of Tanjong.

The crimson sunset of Tanjong. 
The brilliant orange sun, kiss the horizon.
A duty it loyally performs daily since the beginning of time.
In a showmanship of pride, 
It paints the sky crimson bright.

Spilling the colours on our darkening homeland.
A majestic sentinel stands on the cliff.
It's piercing, rotating beacon visible for miles,
sending out warnings to ships of submerge dangers.
A curse to careless mariners.

I once shuddered at the old belief that crimson sunset
was indication of a raging war where blood spilled like water. 
For Tanjongers, 'twas a reminder of our home dear.
Today, however, any sight of a crimson sunset 
is a nostalgic reminder of our Tanjong days we wouldn't forget.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Dreams


Sea of hope.
Horizonless dreams
to seal torn seams.
These are my dreams.

I want to mend tattered lives.
Breathe life into trampled souls.
Forever imprison angels of agony
and bring back happiness till eternity.

But alas! I'm imprisoned in my own life.
My dreams I cannot realise.
If only I can reach that light.
If only I can just touch the infinite.

Time, however, is not on my side.
Nor can I run or hide.
Time and tide wait for no man.
My dreams I will leave in God's hands.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Monsoon Season

For weeks the sun hides.
Torrential rain pours.
Rivers overflow.
Inundated plains - an eye sore.

Crops submerge.
Bridges and roads useless.
Cars and boats mere trophies.
Adorning homes only to please.

Farmers and fishermen imprisoned.
Their livelihood abandoned.
‘Tis the monsoon season.
Everything stood still for a reason.

Fish become a rarity.
Wet markets empty.
Meat, chicken and vegetables
are the food available.

Prices surely hike.
Local governments must strike.
Otherwise inflation will soar
as traders try to make more.

Unscrupulous devils do exist.
In all corners they live.
Waiting to fleece
as they please.

Fatal Attraction

An Angel face
The body of a Goddess
Move sexily
Voice silky

Glued my eyes
My heart in vice
My feeling battered
Imagination bewildered

Long to hold
Kiss and mould
Feel the bliss
Are all I wish

Willing to sacrifice
To win her love
Willing to die
To own her soul

Lo! An Angel to behold
Stunning beauty
Beautiful dolly
Everything about her perfect

A trophy for me select
Sit back man and reflect
They say beauty is skin deep
Inner beauty is for keep

I’m but human
Can’t resist the temptation.


Father dear.
You were the Rock.
Firm and unwavering
even when mother left us.

You’re like the Great River.
Unchanged and eternally flowing.
We couldn’t fathom your emotion.
Nor turn around the situation.

You were like the virgin forest.
Keeping your feelings to yourself.
I knew you must had suffered a great deal.
Since mother left us, life had been uphill.

You withdrew into your own shell.
You never spoke a word to me.
‘Twas the curse of being in the middle maybe.
Nonetheless, I love you dearly.

You were absolutely numb.
But I yearned for your loving arms.
I knew you little.
As at an early age I left for the bigger town.

You once came to visit.
Couldn’t stay long you’re homesick.
Then one day when I was fifteen.
You fell sick and followed mother.

‘Twas what you were after.
‘Twas what you wanted most dear.
I hope now you are happy.
In mother’s loving company.