Monday, 27 June 2011

The Wrath

The Wrath
(My Company was given a mission to search and destroy any CTs in an area in the Ulu Kinta Forest Reserve. The terrain was rocky and mountainous. One evening, I made an overnight ambush on a rocky moutain range. Being on the highest point, I was inviting danger - not from the CTs but from nature itself ).

Atop a rugged mountain range.
We strung out in ambush.
And waited for the enemy.
A cobra recoiled - deadly.

A spider, waiting for the slightest vibration
to sink its fangs and inject the poison.
Came nightfall, the weather declined.
Rain poured in torrents wild.

Lightning flashes blinding.
Thunder claps deafening.
No sign of abatement.
Our tents our prisons.

Perched high on rocky ground.
Opened to dangers abound.
Cascading waterfalls,
Thunder and fire balls.

I cringed with worry – intuition.
A while later, calls of desperation
from the nearest ambush position.
Dismayed that my fear confirmed.

Struck by lightning!
Four soldiers took refuge under a tree.
Three injured slightly, one seriously.
Four claymore mines blown off instantly.

Next day a winching point we looked.
Atop the mountain spooked.
To evacuate the injured soldier
to Base and recover.

Knowing the futility of our ambush,
the danger in the lightning strikes zone,
we moved to lower ground less prone.
God must have been angry.

That man should kill man - fiery.
That man should choose to disobey.
The price he’ll surely pay.
Instantaneous or delay.
Think – pray!