Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Father dear.
You were the Rock.
Firm and unwavering
even when mother left us.

You’re like the Great River.
Unchanged and eternally flowing.
We couldn’t fathom your emotion.
Nor turn around the situation.

You were like the virgin forest.
Keeping your feelings to yourself.
I knew you must had suffered a great deal.
Since mother left us, life had been uphill.

You withdrew into your own shell.
You never spoke a word to me.
‘Twas the curse of being in the middle maybe.
Nonetheless, I love you dearly.

You were absolutely numb.
But I yearned for your loving arms.
I knew you little.
As at an early age I left for the bigger town.

You once came to visit.
Couldn’t stay long you’re homesick.
Then one day when I was fifteen.
You fell sick and followed mother.

‘Twas what you were after.
‘Twas what you wanted most dear.
I hope now you are happy.
In mother’s loving company.

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