Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Monsoon Season

The Monsoon Season
For weeks the sun hides.
Torrential rain pours.
Rivers overflow.
Inundated plains - an eye sore.

Crops submerge.
Bridges and roads useless.
Cars and boats mere trophies.
Adorning homes only to please.

Farmers and fishermen imprisoned.
Their livelihood abandoned.
‘Tis the monsoon season.
Everything stood still for a reason.

Fish become a rarity.
Wet markets empty.
Meat, chicken and vegetables
are the food available.

Prices surely hike.
Local governments must strike.
Otherwise inflation will soar
as traders try to make more.

Unscrupulous devils do exist.
In all corners they live.
Waiting to fleece
as they please.

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